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When we enter the world of magic, it leaves us awestruck and delighted to experience something that is totally unbelievable for us. We generally don’t believe in something until we experience it with our own eyes, but the power of magic can prove us wrong and amazed at the same time. The power it carries takes us to a different world altogether. But behind these acts of amazement there are years of practice and dedication that makes the magician perform so well in front of whole lot of people. It fascinates people of all age groups, all cultures, genders, In fact in a way it brings us together and takes us to a world of pure imagination.
Magic is an art as well as practice; it requires good dedication to learn and practice a trick in 6-7 months. The wonders that the magician do for us, takes lot of patience and practice. It is the folk culture that has been a part of our entertainment since ages. We ought to value this form of art and promote it through our praises, applauds and preferences.
When it comes to magic and magicians, it is now a mix of art and technology. So many magicians these days have mixed these and come up with new ways of entertaining us. We can hire a magician for parties and functions; also we have the option to watch these magic tricks to our bewilderment on the YouTube channels and other Internet sources. There is always a different content when we get to experience something personally. It is hard to believe when we watch it on televisions or on our laptops. But it is even harder to resist the fun it is to watch live with your own eyes. It seems almost impossible to believe in what we see. The magic makes things disappear, float or appear from a new place where we could never expect it to come from. What is joy it is to watch all that in utter disbelief.
Magic has always been fascinating us, so the magician John Carlson, who was earlier a New York City Police Officer for almost 20 years, is here to entertain us with his unique magic tricks. John Carlson while being a NYPD officer used to educate school students and school kids about the risks that the intake of drugs carries. Also he made them aware of the various personal safety measures one needs to take. After a brief span after his retirement he took after the 9/11 event, he is now a professional Long Island Magician and is one of the best in the town. He is pursuing his life long dream of a magician. Magic is something he has been practicing since he was a 12-year-old kid.
If you are on your search for quality Long Island Magicians, he will leave no stone unturned to entertain and amuse you with his magic skills. The performance is worth a watch and ensures worth your money. If in case there is any spec of doubt in your mind, John entrusts a 100% money back guarantee for your satisfaction.For any event, be it a birthday party of you kid, a marriage function, any event, he is well toned to different types of functions. There is a wide variety of performances with which you can enjoy the function. There is always something new in the store for you. For a birthday party you can hire him and he makes sure every kid in the room is entertained and happy to be witness the magic. With john Carlson you are sure to bring some fun for the event, as he is one of the best entertainers in the industry. Your function with him is a sure shot success.John Carlson is a professional magician for more than thirty years now. He has been performing and practicing this art professionally in New Jersey as well. He knows well how to be in front of kids especially. He makes them comfortable, even the shyest ones can open up and enjoy the party. With his vibrant tactics he can make anything disappear and appear by just snapping his fingers. He can make things float and maneuver with his magic. Children are awestruck with what they see. The performances are jaw dropping and entertaining at the same time. There is always an element of surprise in the store.
John has been performing on various charity events, theaters, schools, business parties, hospitals and other functions. Be it any function there is something for all types of ages.
Magic takes us to a different world all together, more than just entertainment it is an art to express. Behind every strong performance there is lot of practice. Being an expert John values this art, he ensures that people appreciates this form and values its strength as a part of our culture. Since the time of folklore magic is an essential part of our society. Ancient books, plays and performances hype’s the different types of magic and magicians. It is high on drama, stunts and performances of the artists. It takes us through different stages of emotions of happiness, excitement, amazement, sadness and disbelief. Watching a magician perform is the best way to round off any event. Leaving people happy and satisfied at the end of the day.
There are a number of popular public figure testimonials and videos on the website, if you want more proof experience it yourself and book today. Also, we suggest that you can bookmark the website if you are searching for some quality entertainment with John Carlson.
John’s magic does not include any act of profanity or explicit acts to bring in entertainment; it is favorable for all ages.
So make sure that you make your bookings in advance. It is important to book a date from John Carlson’s calendar. His popularity crosses borders and pre-scheduling your event is an essential.
You can use the online form to get in contact with John Carlson and schedule your preferred dates of the show. The prices are reasonable and it carries best value for your money.